Apache Use Case: Improving Performance

Learn use cases for improving the performance of the Apache web server. Apache performance affects a website's loading time, and is a vital part of tuning the performance of a website or web application. [...]  

Apache Use Case: Integrating Code

Learn how to integrate code with the Apache web server so that you can create web applications in the programming language of your choice. In the following scenarios, the user is a developer who is fluent in various programming languages. This user wishes to create a web application in the language of their choice, and needs to integrate that programming language with Apache so that the web application can be usable in a web browser. [...]  

Apache Use Case: Virtual Hosts

Use cases for Apache's ability to host and manage multiple websites (virtual hosts) on the same server. Apache is the leading HTTP web server on the Internet, and has dominated the field since 1996. Learn more about Apache's virtual hosting capabilities, and the scenarios in which virtual hosting is the best solution. [...]  

Apache Use Case: Web Server Security

Find use cases for improving web server security by taking advantage of Apache's built-in features and security module add-ons. Apache is the world's most popular web server, and has many security settings and add-ons which can significantly improve web server security. [...]