MySQL Use Case: When to Use MySQL

"NOSQL" solutions like CouchDB, MongoDB, and Redis are popular new choices for storing data. Learn when to choose MySQL over these new options, including what use cases are most appropriate for MySQL, and when it will be a "best fit" for your project needs. [...]  

MySQL Use Case: MySQL Scalability

This use case covers scalability options for MySQL, which involves ways to spread the database and the load of application queries across multiple servers in order to improve performance. Scalability is one aspect of creating a high availability (HA) database installation. [...]  

MySQL Use Case: MySQL High Availability (HA)

This use case covers high availability (HA) options for MySQL, which involves ways to cope with and recover from failures, and allow scheduled maintenance activity, without causing any downtime. [...]  

MySQL Use Case: MySQL Cluster for Scalability and High Availability (HA)

There are many different ways to configure MySQL to improve scalability or high availability (HA), with a lot of overlap between these two concepts. Learn how using MySQL Cluster with 1&1 Cloud Servers can be used as a solution to provide scalability, high availability, or both. [...]  

Tags: MySQL/MariaDB