Use Case: Bare Metal Servers

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Learn use cases for the 1&1 Bare Metal server platform. These Bare Metal server scenarios include private resources versus resource sharing, integration into the Cloud Network and Cloud Panel, and flexible cost-efficient pricing model.

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Scenario 1: Private Resources

In this scenario, the user wants the flexibility and scalability of a Cloud Server, but needs to have private resources.

While Cloud Servers run on a shared platform, Bare Metal servers run as "single-tenant" servers, on their own dedicated hardware. This provides Bare Metal servers with private resources that include the CPU, RAM, and disk drive.

Scenario 2: Cloud Network Integration

The user in this scenario wants the power and private resources of a Dedicated server. However, the client already has a number of Cloud Servers, and wants to be able to integrate the new server with their existing Cloud Network.

Bare Metal servers are an evolution of our Dedicated server product. They offer all of the advantages of a Dedicated server, while being integrated into the Cloud Network, and managed through the existing Cloud Panel.

Scenario 3: Flexible Pricing

In this scenario, the user is the head of a programming department. The programmers need to be able to create, test, and benchmark their software on powerful, single-tenant servers with private resources. However, these tests are often brief, and need to be completed on many different software and hardware configurations.

The user will be creating and deleting servers frequently, and the required monthly contract for each 1&1 Dedicated server will be cost-prohibitive for this user.

Bare Metal servers offer flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing. With Bare Metal servers, you will only pay for what you use, precisely to the minute. This pricing model offers the cost efficiency that the user in this scenario needs.

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