Ruby on Rails Use Case: Web Apps

Read use cases for Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a popular web application framework which leverages Ruby to create web applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Ruby on Rails provides a default framework for web services and database integration, and is the first choice for many Ruby programmers working on a web application. [...]  

Ruby on Rails Use Case: Solutions

Use cases for Ruby on Rails, the web application framework based on the Ruby programming language. Learn problems that Ruby on Rails can solve, as well as how Ruby on Rails can be a useful solution for your project's needs. [...]  

Chef Use Case: Automating Server Management

Use cases for Chef, the server configuration and management tool which allows the user to provision cloud servers through an automated process. Find examples which will help explain how learning Chef can be a useful addition to your server management practices, by streamlining the server provisioning and configuration process, as well as automating ongoing server management tasks. [...]  

Ceph Use Case: Data Storage

Use cases that can help you learn more about how Ceph can be a solution for data storage needs. Ceph is a distributed unified storage solution which offers easy scalability and stable reliability, coupled with high performance data retrieval. [...]  

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