Introduction to Bare Metal Servers

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Get an overview of Bare Metal servers, and learn about the advantages and trade-offs of Bare Metal versus other products, and the features available for Bare Metal. Learn why you might want to choose Bare Metal over Cloud Servers or a Dedicated account, and how easy it is to create and manage Bare Metal servers through the 1&1 Cloud Panel.

Advantages of Bare Metal

Bare Metal servers occupy a space in between Cloud Servers and Dedicated server. If you want the power and flexibility of a Dedicated server, with the ease of management and pay-as-you-go billing of a Cloud Server, then Bare Metal is for you.

Bare Metal servers offer:

  • Dedicated hardware.
  • A deployment time of only 8-10 minutes.
  • Full integration into the Cloud network.
  • Pay-as-you-go billing model.

Bare Metal Features

If you are already using Cloud Servers, Bare Metal is a natural choice. You can create and manage Bare Metal servers through the Cloud Panel, right alongside your existing Cloud Servers.

The Bare Metal servers are also integrated into the Cloud network, which means that you can connect Bare Metal servers to existing Cloud Servers without any extra hassle.

Baremetal Versus Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers have many advantages. They are highly scalable, which lets you scale according to your needs both vertically (by adding more resources to an individual server) and horizontally (by adding more servers and balancing the traffic).

One key advantage to Bare Metal over Cloud Servers is that Cloud Servers use a shared infrastructure with other customer servers. This can have an impact on your Cloud Server's performance.

However, Bare Metal servers run on their own dedicated hardware. With a Bare Metal server, you will have your own private resources with private hardware, including the CPU, RAM, and disk drive.

Bare Metal Versus Dedicated

Bare Metal is an evolution of our Dedicated server product. Bare Metal provides more flexibility and features, pay-as-you-go billing, and less management required, combined with easier control through the Cloud Panel. This makes it easy to manage monitoring, configure backups, add IP addresses, and more.

Bare Metal also integrates with the existing Cloud network, and makes it a quick and easy process to erase the server and start fresh with a new build.

Create a New Bare Metal Server

Creating a new Bare Metal server is as simple as creating a Cloud Server.

  • Log in to the Cloud Panel, then click +CREATE > Bare Metal.
  • Choose the server size, select the operating system, and customize any other configurations you wish to change.
  • Click CREATE.

The Bare Metal server will be ready for use within 8-10 minutes.


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