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Learn how to choose the correct product type when adding a product to your Magento storefront on a 1&1 Cloud Server with Ubuntu 16.04.


  • A 1&1 Cloud Server with Magento installed and running.

For information on how to install Magento, see our article Install Magento on a Linux Cloud Server with Ubuntu 16.04.

Add a Product

From the Dashboard, click Catalog > Products.

Add a product to Magento

Click ADD PRODUCT to expand the drop-down menu.

Add a product to Magento

You will need to choose a product category:

Add a product to Magento

Magento Product Categories

There are six Magento product categories:

  • Simple Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Bundle Product
  • Downloadable Product

It is important to choose the correct category for your product, as this will determine which fields and options are available for that product.

Simple Product

This is the most common product type. One product, with no options for size, color, etc.


  • Book
  • Necklace
  • Replacement cell phone charging cable

Configurable Product

This is a product which has configurable options such as size and color.


  • T-shirt (sizes S-XL, in several colors)
  • Cell phone case (iPhone 7 or 8, in several colors)
  • Blanket (queen or king size, in several patterns and colors)

Grouped Product

This is a group of simple, stand-alone products which are here being offered together, typically at a discount. The items in a grouped product can be sold separately.


  • Cell phone, aftermarket protective case, and extra charging cable
  • Single-serving coffee maker, spill-proof coffee cup, and desktop coffee cup warmer
  • Sketchbook, set of pens, and tote bag

Bundled Product

A bundled product is a customizable item which can be based on simple products.


  • Digital SLR camera with options for memory card size and lens type
  • Laptop with options for graphics card, hard drive, and processor
  • Coffee maker with metal or glass carafe, with or without reusable coffee filter

Virtual Product

This category is for products which are not a physical object. Virtual products can also be included as part of a Grouped or Bundled product.


  • Online training course
  • 1 hour of consulting services
  • A service warranty

Downloadable Product

This is for products which can be downloaded by the customer, or which will be delivered to the customer as a file after check-out.


  • PDF knitting pattern
  • Album in MP3 format
  • Video game


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