Project 6: Secure Industrial IoT Solution Based on Trusted Modules and Open Source Cloud Components

This Hackathon project will develop a whole MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for small companies who want to implement an affordable, secure, reliable and easy to implement IoT solution to monitor production equipment. The MVP consists of different edge devices, like the Raspberry Pi Zero or the Aaeon UP^2 board, and an (on premises) cloud solution like the Open IoT Service Platform (OISP).

The first task is to configure the edge device (with OSS frameworks like Node-RED and libMRAA) to collect sensor data, process it, and send it to the backend. The Trust Module will be used to authenticate the device to the backend and provide needed attestations so that the backend can onboard the edge device secure and simple.

The second task is to connect with the OISP backend solution in the cloud which receives data from the edge device and sets up alert procedures to send messages to a mobile solution.

The third task is to develop a mobile solution with which the system could be monitored and where the alerts will be shown.



Tags: Cloudfest Hackathon 2018