Get the 1&1 Puppet Cloud Server Module

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The 1&1 Puppet module leverages deployment of 1&1 Cloud servers from a Puppet manifest file and command-line interface.

The 1&1 Puppet module relies on the 1&1 Cloud API to manage 1&1 servers. A Puppet manifest file can be used to describe a desired infrastructure including servers, data center locations for the servers, CPU units, virtual cores, memory, states and other properties. The infrastructure deployment can then be easily automated using Puppet.

To view or contribute to this project, visit the GitHub repository.


  • Puppet 4.x
  • Ruby 2.x
  • 1&1 Ruby SDK (1and1)
  • 1&1 account


  1. Install the 1&1 Ruby SDK gem.

    gem install 1and1
  2. Install the module.

    puppet module install oneandone-puppet1and1
  3. Set the environment variable for authentication.

    export ONEANDONE_API_KEY="your-token-key-here"


Tags: Puppet