Get the 1&1 Cloud Server CLI

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The 1&1 Cloud Server CLI wraps the 1&1 Cloud Server SDK for Go, allowing you to interact with the1&1 Cloud Server API from a command-line interface.

To view or contribute to this project, visit the GitHub repository.

Getting Started

Before you begin you will need to have signed up for a 1&1 account. The credentials you create during sign-up will be used to authenticate against the API.

Supported Platforms

The 1&1 CLI binaries are available on releases page for Linux, Windows and OS X amd64 architecture.



  1. Download oneandone-linux-amd64-*.sh shell script.
  2. Run chmod +x oneandone-linux-amd64-*.sh
  3. Run the installation ./oneandone-linux-amd64-*.sh
  4. Enable bash auto-completion source /etc/bash_completion.d/oneandone

Mac OS X

  1. Download oneandone-darwin-amd64-*.sh shell script.
  2. Run chmod +x oneandone-darwin-amd64-*.sh
  3. Run the installation ./oneandone-darwin-amd64-*.sh
  4. Add the directory where you run the script from in your $PATH or copy/move bash_autocomplete file to your $PATH.
  5. Insert PROG=oneandone source bash_autocomplete to your .bashrc file.


  1. Download oneandone-windows-amd64-*.msi setup file.
  2. Run oneandone-windows-amd64-*.msi installer.
  3. Accept the license terms and chose the install location.
  4. Install

Custom Installation on Linux and Mac

If you are a Linux or Mac user and prefer to install the application to a different location, download a tar archive instead of the install script.

  • Linux users download oneandone-linux-amd64-*.tar.gz.
  • OS X users download oneandone-darwin-amd64-*.tar.gz.

Extract the files from the archive to a desired location in your $PATH and source auto-complete script source bash_autocomplete.


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